Planning a market: intro

I have a confession to make: I have never organised a market before. Actually, I haven’t organised any large scale events. Am I nervous? You bet. When I feel out of my depth, I research and I plan. I’ve googled the shit out of “running a market” and “hosting a craft market” and various combinations […]

Mothers Day gift guide

Mothers Day is on 12 May this year. That’s just around the corner. So are you ready to shower your mum with all the love and affection she deserves? If you’re scrambling for last minute gifts, consider supporting a local Canberra business and buying handmade this Mothers Day! Stop the panic! Here are some ready-to-send/collect […]

Welcome to CBRmade

Welcome to CBRmade, a new era of handmade markets in Canberra. I, along with Peta, have recently taken over leadership of an established maker community. This community has gone by a few names since I’ve been part of it, including Canetsy and Meeting Place. It is a community of people who make and sell their […]