About Cannoli Brothers


Cannoli is our thing and we have been at it since 2016 serving our range of cannoli across the Capital Region at the finest producers markets and events.

Manufactured by hand in our Fyshwick factory we make all our pastries fresh using best ingredients we can get, our cream fillings use whole white milk, ricotta, mascarpone, fresh local eggs and the purest natural and full fruit flavourings available.

We have Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free and Gluten Intolerant options.

Current creations

The Blonde Italian:  Two sizes available, Grande and Bambini. Blonde pastry shell made with vermouth, crispy thin filled with a rich 70% dark chocolate & fresh orange oil crema. 

  • The Dark Italian: A darker richer pastry flavoured with fresh ground cinnamon and Marsala this pastry is a heavier flavourful pastry filled with a delicate Madagascan vanilla crema with a hint of fresh lemon.
  • The Ice cream Cannoli: A frozen ice cream filled Cannoli delight using our finest crisp shell filled with buttermilk ice-cream using many flavours and topping to make this our Summer fav.
  • The Savoury Italian: Savoury salted and spice shell filled with a range of savoury fillings including vegetarian delights, this is an original creation, shocking to some cannoli aficionados.
  • The Gluten-Free Goddess: A signature Gluten intolerant cannoli shell using finest fresh milled seeds to present a truly delectable cannoli for those that “couldn’t”.
  • Sfogliatelle: Our fresh handmade “Sfogs” are layered crisp pastries whose texture resembles leaves stacked on each other.  Sfogliatelle look like seashells when baked.  Some people also call them ‘lobster tails’ for their resemblance to the same.  The pastries are filled with a sweetened semolina crema with a hint of citron. (Not at all markets and events