About Seraglio Designs

I sell high quality, one-of-a-kind beaded jewellery.

All Seraglio Designs jewellery is designed and handmade by me, here in Canberra, from a diverse range of gemstone beads, precious metal beads and findings, ancient, antique and vintage beads, as well as re-purposed and artisanal items.

These are all sourced by me either during my overseas travels or from suppliers in Australia and around the world. Some of components I use are designed by me and then handmade to my specifications by artisans in Bali, Thailand and China.

The jewellery I create is guided very much by my emotional responses to the colour, shape, texture and cut of the various gemstone, metal or other components, with the result that virtually all my pieces are one-offs.

The aim of my designs is to achieve a beautifully crafted product that is simultaneously functional and conceptually accessible to diverse audiences, yet at the same time satisfies a number of deep-rooted aesthetic and spiritual longings.

These relate to the long period I spent as an archaeologist, mainly in the Middle East, and to my interests in traditional crafts and design. Developing my skills and devising more elegant solutions to the technical challenges and processes involved is also central to my practice.