About Quantum Anxiety

I’m a local Australian artist based in Canberra who specialises in creating engaging and creative clothing that anybody and everybody can wear. Everything is designed by myself and made with my business partner, by hand, here in Canberra Australia. The clothing that I create includes, hoodies, handmade fantasy cloaks, capelets, hooded scarves, and more.

I will also be showcasing my art on screen-printed T-shirts, tote bags, and jumpers. There will also be small accessories like Pins and Stickers and small postcard prints that range from Tabletop Roleplaying (ie. D&D) and pop culture and general personal experiences.

I endeavour to keep the things I produce either handmade or locally sourced to keep quality as high as possible and waste low. We’re very aware of our footprint here on earth and we want to supply goods that everybody can wear and feel proud to be wearing.