About Lucy Gemma Design

I make hand-built ceramics in my home studio in Canberra. I focus on the production of timeless, tactile pieces which celebrate texture and mark-making, in a palette that strongly references the natural world. I create functional pieces such as vases, planters, and crockery, as well as decorative items and jewellery.

I predominantly use hand-building techniques in a variety of Australian stoneware and mid-fire clays, honouring the qualities of the clay bases, and allowing the texture of the clay to shine. Each piece is individual and embraces the imperfect.

Pieces are generally hand built using slab, coil and pinching techniques, giving vessels an organic quality, which exposes the making technique and allows to user to connect with the maker.

All ceramic elements are hand-made by me in small batches in my home studio. This includes forming and glazing each ceramic piece (for jewellery, this includes hand painting on all the glazes and attaching all the jewellery findings). Nothing is mass-produced and each piece offers subtle and unique variations. Close attention is paid to the finished aesthetic, durability, and wearability of each piece to ensure they can be enjoyed for years to come.