Welcome to CBRmade, a new era of handmade markets in Canberra.

I, along with Peta, have recently taken over leadership of an established maker community. This community has gone by a few names since I’ve been part of it, including Canetsy and Meeting Place.

It is a community of people who make and sell their own products on the Etsy platform.

Etsy is a wonderful, magical place filled with extremely talented people who make a vast array of items.

We’re lucky to have the Etsy foundation, but it’s time for us to spread our wings and expand beyond the Etsy marketplace.

CBRmade and the markets we organise will welcome stallholders from Canberra and surrounds who run a small business selling high-quality and unique products. Stallholders will come from places like Canberra, Queanbeyan, Yass, Goulburn and Young.

Yes, we know there is already a community like that in Canberra, but we think we can offer something more.

A kind, friendly and inclusive community of people who will lift each other up to succeed.

Both Peta and I are new to organising community events like markets. This is also an opportunity for us to expand our own skillsets and learn something new.

I know I am looking forward to getting to know many new people who share my interests.

So, welcome to CBRmade.

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