I have a confession to make: I have never organised a market before.

Actually, I haven’t organised any large scale events.

Am I nervous? You bet.

When I feel out of my depth, I research and I plan.

I’ve googled the shit out of “running a market” and “hosting a craft market” and various combinations of the same.

And, honestly, there’s not much info out there that’s easily accessible.

So I’m hoping I can fill some gaps in the info on the world wide web, particularly as it applies to Australian craft or handmade markets.

Lessons learnt will be documented to hopefully save others from making the same mistakes having to learn the same lessons.

Next post will be part one: the basics. Follow along with the series.

Have you organised a market or other community event before? Do you have any words of wisdom to offer? Do you have any burning questions? If so, leave a comment below.